The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a business-friendly smartphone that has been on the market a while now, and that is therefore quite affordable and accessible to business users – even ones that have smaller budgets.

Even though the Note 5 is not the latest in Samsung’s Note range, we believe that it is still one of the best devices for business users due to it’s great functionality, high performance and ease of use.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was released to mixed reviews but over the years it has become quite a popular device, and it’s easy to understand why.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a dream for busy business users. It has numerous flexible features, such as split-screen multitasking and floating windows, as well as a display that is easy on the eye when you are doing intensive work. It is somewhere between a phone and a tablet, and it has the power for you to work when you need it.

Samsung Pay

One of the most useful features is Samsung Pay a digital wallet that uses both NFC and Magnetic Secure Transmission. This means that in theory it will be accepted by more locations than either Apple Pay or Android pay. MST is more commonplace right now, but NFC is more secure and is slowly gaining in popularity. It’s a handy feature for busy business people who don’t want to carry dozens of cards with them.

Personal Signatures

Another useful feature is the S-Pen, which allows you to do things like annotate PDFs. The S-Pen has a fine tip, which makes it easy to write your signature (compared to using the tip of your finger), and offers a nice productivity improvement compared to trying to hunt and peck. If you regularly need to sign contracts on the go, it’s a huge benefit.

Snap On Keyboard

For those who are stalwarts holding out for a good phone with a keyboard, there haven’t been many options on the market recently. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a snap-on keyboard that means you can use your phone like a blackberry when you need to, and then like a regular phone when you want the full screen. It means you get the ease of a Blackberry keyboard, with the flexibility of an Android OS.

Security in the Workplace

Instead of having to run two phones one for home and one for work, you can run just one, the Note 5. The Knox feature means that you can make a containerized work environment which IT administrators have access to, and which can be wiped remotely if needed. Your personal files and apps are yours and are on a separate partition, so you have a distinction between the two and your work IT team can’t see your personal stuff.

You can use SideSync to control your phone using a laptop or desktop and transfer data between the two platforms easily. You can even send SMS messages via your desktop if you wish. It’s all easy and seamless.

The line between desktop and portable is blurring, slowly, and we are just doing our work where we can now, instead of being chained to the office. The Note 5 implements this really well for business users.

Around The Office

As versatile as the Note 5 is, you probably won’t want to rely on it solely for your business, especially if you run an office. However, there are many great Samsung office phones for a business that you can take advantage of.

The Note 5 will be great for when you’re out and about, in meetings or when you need to perform quick tasks. However, for day to day office life, you will be better suited to one of Samsung’s more durable phones such as the IP Phone SMT-I6010, the IP Phone SMT-15343 or even the IP Phone SMT-15220S.

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